Ricky Palermo's Golf Tournament To Cure Paralysis

All Clinic and Tournament information is up to date. We hope to see you there!

  The Ricky Palermo Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising money and       awareness for The Miami Project which is researching a cure for paralysis. The foundation is also dedicated to helping local community members deal with their paralysis.

Ricky Palermo has been honored for his efforts in raising funds for spinal injuries by The Miami Project. The Miami Project has announced the naming of one of their research wings; the "Ricky Palermo and Palermo Family Foundation Spinal Chord Injury Research Wing." See the story at the Batavia Daily News Online

 "Our donations are being used from the beginning of the spinal cord injury, all the way through
  their recovery" Said Palermo. (Batavia Daily News, Pg A-8 7/17/2010) Money goes to four   important sources:
 -United Memorial Medical Center's Emergency Room: to stabilize patients
 -Strong Memorial Hospital's Spinal Unit: to help patients recuperate from surgery if needed
 -Genesee County YMCA's Bike Program: to help patients rebuild muscles and stay in shape
 -The Miami Project: for research to cure paralysis
   - Two individuals, Kevin Everett, a former Buffalo Bills Player, and Jorge Valdez, a
  Cirque de Soleil performer, were both paralyzed, but are both walking today because of a   hypothermia treatment invented at the Miami Project, which is pending FDA approval for clinical   trials.

Ricky Palermo